GROWING is a start up company looking to grow and deepen our roots in the spice industry. Our goal is to steadily build our spice brand and products in the e-commerce space and our local markets. How our supporters can assist us in rocketing those efforts is by:

Supporting our website and sharing what we are doing with everyone you know.

Become a customer, we feel that our products are well curated to fit the needs everyone. We work hard to ensure freshness and flavor of our products and their uses. Check out our spice shop and grab your spices, merch, or e-book. We thank you!  

​Lastly, we have set up a support link which is 

attached at the top of this message. This link provides opportunity to support our small business even if you choose not to purchase products from the site. This link is provided for Paypal & non Paypal account holders. 



What Your Helping Us To Achieve.

We are looking for alternative routes to grow our business at it's foundational stages and outside of the traditional funding sources that often leave small business at a disadvantage. So the support of our www.helenaspiceshop family helps us to grow at the start of our business and develop products and content at a reasonable pace.





Transparency: Supporting our website through the purchase of products or via the donation link does not provide or grant ownership of in part or whole to any customer, supporter, or donor. This is not an opportunity for investment of or any affiliated entity thereof. Revenue from purchases and money donated will go directly to for use in anyway that the company sees fit for the growth of the business. Support doesn't grant any customer, supporter, donor, etc. any vote or opportunity of control in the planning or decisions for or affiliated entities.