The Full Story

About Why We Started...

To know my wife & I, is to know that we have a love of cooking and having a good time. We grew up country kids in Georgia running on dirt roads & drinking from water hoses after playing bouts of freeze tag, etc. Those were the good days. We had the luxury of experiencing some of the best soul food growing up and learned to cook watching our grandparents & families throwing down in the kitchen. We're talking BBQs, fish fries, after church meals, holidays, etc... The stuff yourself type of eating that makes you pop the button on your pants to give your stomach some room after a good meal. When we met in 2012, we discovered that we both had the desire and dream to own a restaurant or food related business. We wanted a business that gave the same feeling as our childhoods. A kick-back, fun, and family oriented place where people can make memories & have a great time.  One of the things, we've always done is cook... for EVERYBODY we know in any chance that we get. Even when we're visiting family & friends back home we're cooking or grilling this or that. Ain't that something...and we're the guest but that's how much we love it. We'd mix up our own spices or rubs to use on whatever we decided to put on the menu. After years of cooking we would get countless request about the spices that we used or request for the recipes. So in 2019 we decided that we weren't going to continue talking about creating a business or daydreaming about it. The universe was putting what we needed to do right in front of us all those years. The soul food that we always enjoyed was great because it had the best foundation of flavor, so that's what we want to provide.  

We created Helena's Spice Shop as an ode to our families & and every other family that loves a great time with great food. 

Our Vision

To build a small family spice brand that creates affordable, innovative, and healthy products into a reputable brand known for the best customer service and quality products.

Our Mission

To provide quality spices with love in every bottle.  

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