The Full Story


 Coming from similar family backgrounds, Raquiyah & Gene Anthony, both grew up in  large families centered around family dinners, southern fish frys, and BBQs. Meeting in 2012, both found that their dreams of owning a business centered around food and family needed to become more than just thoughts. In 2019, with a leap of faith, a dream turned reality and Helena's Spice Shop was launched. Using  creativity and experience in the kitchen we've bottled up our favorite spice recipes to be shared with everyone. What you'll find on our site is our array of spices, our passion for cooking, and our love of family (which now includes you). If you'd like to help our business grow click here.


To build a small family spice brand that creates affordable, innovative, and healthy products into a reputable brand known for the best customer service and quality products.


To provide quality spices with love in every bottle.  

tomato sauce with spices and textured black kitchen table.jpg